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Welcome to The Ptaszek Group

Our research interests are centered on the development of novel molecular arrays capable of absorbing and converting light in the deep-red and near-IR spectral windows. Our particular focus is the chemistry and photochemistry of hydroporphyrins, i.e. tetrapyrrolic macrocycles, which are synthetic analogues of natural photosynthetic pigments: chlorophylls and bacteriochlorophylls. The very rich chemistry and photochemistry of hydroporphyrins, which are still not broadly explored, give an opportunity to create molecules with unprecedented optical and photochemical properties, which will make a significant impact on diverse fields. The primary areas of intended application for such molecules are medicinal diagnosis, specifically fluorescence sensing and imaging, as well as phototherapy (specifically photodynamic therapy). However, the fundamental research performed in our lab has a much broader impact on other areas, including artificial photosynthesis, light-harvesting arrays, solar energy conversion, and photocatalysis.