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The Group

Current Group Members 

Graduate Students

Adam Meares

Hometown: Southwick, MA

Undergraduate Institution: Western New England College, 2011

Research Description:

Synthesis and characterization of strongly conjugated hydroporphyrin arrays, to study the relationship between electronic communication and orbital energy matching (sp2-sp2 vs sp2-sp) and overall planarity of structure. Synthesis and characterization of numerous weakly conjugated BODIPY-hydroporphyrin energy transfer arrays, in order to study the impact of conjugation site/orientation of chromophore components on energy transfer efficiency, determine the importance of spectral overlap on energy transfer efficiency, as well is improve water solubility of such arrays.

Nopondo N. Esemoto

Hometown: Burtonsville, MD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Maryland Baltimore Country, 2012

Research Description:

Synthesis and characterization of hydroporphyrin arrays and hydroporphyrin metal complexes to develop an understanding of the structure photophysical properties relationship in these systems. I also explore the use  of this compounds as activatable fluorophores in optical imaging, photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy (PDT) and anticancer chemotherapeutic agents.

Sara Ansteatt

Hometown: Reisterstown, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Frostburg State University, 2015

Research description:

Synthesis and characterization of distyryl substituted BODIPY as NIR fluorophore: To find the optimal structurally simple BODIPY that exhibits long wavelength absorption and emission greater than 700 nm for use as a NIR fluorophore for biomedicinal applications.

Mono vs Di-pyrrole vinyl substituted bodipy in ambient vs UV light

Synthesis and characterization of BODIPY-Bacteriochlorin energy transfer arrays: To create a tunable energy transfer array that has long wavelength absorption and emission in the NIR window for biomedicinal applications. Also, to determine the energy transfer efficiency of said arrays as well as making them water soluble.


  1. Daniel Morgan


  1. Yuri Kim

Previous Lab Members 

  1. Marcus Jordan
  2. Alexander Orosz
  3. Sincere Melvin
  4. Dr. Joshua Akhigbe